All Your Media Needs. Snappy.

Everyone and their nan have started making videos so that means you really need something different to stand out. We like to think our style, skills and creative minds can really give you something to give you that edge!

We use top quality cameras, a couple of Canons if you’re wondering, a DJI Mavic Pro Drone, professional lighting, an array of lenses, and some really off the wall ideas to get your footage to really be as unique as you are.

We edit in Premiere Pro CC 2017, After Effects and use a ton of awesome add-ons for colour correction and colour grading. We want to make sure the final edit is smooth, clean and screams exactly what you want it to.

Our Mavic Pro Drone is amazing for ariel shots, sweeping footage and taking your video to the next level.

We are waiting to hear your ideas!